The brand



We're an Oshawa-based heritage apparel company. Drawing design inspiration from Oshawa's past and present, our shirts are manufactured in Ontario and are spec'd to be your go-to casual pieces.

the Principles

We make clothes for you. We follow three main principles when doing so:

  • History - Oshawa has a rich history of exceptional people and teams. We want to help you celebrate our past with homages to some of our city's greats.
  • Quality - Made in Ontario with premier fabrics, our pieces are meant to take you from the beach to the arena to the garage, holding up to all you can throw at them. If it's not made entirely in your backyard, you'll know about it.
  • Fashion Forward - What's the point of doing anything if you don't look good doing it? Our designs incorporate modern fits and style trends to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

The Story

Oshawa is experiencing an economic and cultural resurgence.

Known to the Coureurs des bois as a transfer point between land and sea, the settlement was founded over 150 years ago and was a hot spot for prosperity from the get go. 

There was little we didn't make nor do. Since the 1850's Oshawa has been home to tradespeople, artisans, and opportunists alike. Champions of sport and of industry have always been commonplace. 

Historically, we've always found a way to come out on top, but a new sensation of growth is something this city hasn't experienced since the country was a dominion. Along the way Canada got its own flag to rally behind, and we thought Oshawa should too. 

So we've committed ourselves to bringing you workable, wearable, symbols and stories made right here at home. Canadian quality garments you can wear out- and we'll keep everlastingly at it, because when you labour you're bound to prosper.


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